Welcome to our online giving system. Whether you’d like to give a single gift, schedule ongoing donations, or view your giving history, you can do it all online – it’s quick, easy, and secure.



We have upgraded our giving platform to make giving easier and more secure.

Update Your Info for End of Year Statement

To help in making sure we are sending your End of Year Statement to the correct email or address, please use this link to make sure we have the proper information.

Need access to previous giving history?

We will be mailing or emailing your end of year contribution. Look for an email from “PushPay” with the subject line title “Impact Fellowship - 2019 Annual Giving Statement”. If you haven't received it by the end of January 2020, please email us at info@impactfellowship.tv


Can I schedule recurring donations?
Yes, you can specify whether you want your contribution made one time, weekly, twice monthly, every over week, or monthly. You can set up as many schedules as you would like, so it is possible to give a monthly gift as well as a weekly one. You can also CLICK HERE to schedule recurring donations.

Will I still receive a contribution statement?
Yes, we will email your year-end giving statement directly to the email address you provide when you start an account. CLICK HERE for instructions on starting an account. 

What if I change credit cards or want to adjust the date or amount of a contribution?
You can edit or delete a scheduled contribution at anytime, including the credit card, date, frequency and amount.

Is online giving secure? 
We’ve taken steps to ensure that the giving process is safe and secure from beginning to end. All of your giving data is secured by SSL encryption. SSL is an acronym for “Secure Sockets Layer”, a security protocol that provides communications privacy over the Internet. It is the same technology used by banks and e-commerce companies such as Amazon.com to keep your information safe and secure during transactions.


Email us at info@impactfellowship.tv and we’ll be glad to answer any other questions you may have.